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Ibn Arabi and the Contemporary West
Ibn Arabi and the Contemporary West

Ibn Arabi and the Contemporary West

by Isobel Jeffery Street
pubblicato da Equinox Publishing Ltd

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'Ibn Arabi and the Contemporary West tells several remarkable and intertwined stories. In the context of Islamic Studies, it recounts the recent transmission of universal spiritual teachings that were once central to the spread of Islam as a world religion and civilization, but then were lost and often rejected in the aftermath of colonialism, to the UK and the wider English-speaking world; and it concludes with the unexpected ways that spiritual heritage is now being rediscovered by new generations across the Muslim world. In that new, global setting, this study also sketches the background of the multi-faceted, increasingly global adaptation of Ibn 'Arabi's teachings - which for centuries had helped integrate and inspire the burgeoning creative expressions of the Islamic humanities and spirituality across Asia and Africa - by contemporary artists and thinkers working in many of those same fields today: including philosophy, ecology, architecture, psychology, spirituality, and religious thought. And on a more human, immediate level, this is the story of the lasting inspiration and personal influences of a single quiet spiritual teacher and those he inspired, detailing the formation, teachings, and expanding development and outreach of the Beshara movement.' Professor J. W. Morris, Boston College

The influence of Ibn 'Arabi, the 12th century Andalusian mystic philosopher extended beyond the Muslim world from Spain, to China, to Indonesia. Interest in Ibn 'Arabi in the west has grown over the last century. Ibn Arabi and the Contemporary West examines 'Arabi's teachings through the work of the Beshara Trust and the Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society. The study investigates how the Beshara School has used Ibn 'Arabi's teachings in assisting a range of students from around the world towards personal, spiritual development and how the Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society has evolved into an international organisation with increasing influence in both the West and the Muslim world.


Generi Philosophy » Islamic & Arabic Philosophy » Renaissance & Modern Philosophy , Religion » Religion-General & Miscellaneous

Editore Equinox Publishing Ltd

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato  01/11/2011

Pagine  298

Lingua Inglese

ISBN-13 9781845536701

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Ibn Arabi and the Contemporary West

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