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1 Euro Before You Vote

Boris Spasov
pubblicato da Arcalis

Prezzo online:

More than a legal obligation, voting is our right as citizens and defines our democracies.

The lies or intellectual laziness of our economists, administrations, and judicial systems creates a façade of legality, which could be considered fraudulent: replacing the power of a Monarchy by that of a Government applying relatively dictatorial laws, does not equal progress.
A matter of moral conscience arises when laws are only in favour of the same class. "What kind of world do we want to live in?" The "high finance" environment, that we now inhabit, has generated an unprecedented moral crisis and undermined our personal intellectual guidelines, i.e. our system of values. In the face of this deterioration at a time when we are seen by these "bankers" as a resource, as "Human fodder", we need to be concerned for our already much indebted children and grandchildren.

This booklet is a summary of what you should know before you vote, because just beyond this troubled period of apparent peace, trouble is brewing.


Albert Einstein said that the world we have created is the direct result of our method of thinking, but the problems we have caused cannot be resolved in the same way.
Future crises can only degenerate, multiply and become more frequent, they will not be simply ecological, since they are related to deep, structural issues in various areas: climate, demographics, economics, politics
In a procession of contentment, troubles and wars human evolution has managed to make its way to 2017. One fears that the reality looming on the horizon is more violent. If the State of affairs that I have painted seems excessive, is that not indicative of a reality that we no longer want to see or accept?


The "humanist" Boris Alexandre SPASOV, formerly Deputy Director of Radio Caribbean International, graduate of the Centre d'études diplomatiques et stratégiques in Paris and the author of several books including World Order- Moral Disorder & Humanity... What a Story! is above all a man of the people, a passionate and candid eyewitness far from the safe, comfortable couch ideologies and politically correct attitudes of our time.

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1 Euro Before You Vote

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