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The basic aim of writing this book is to provide all the weight loss seekers some delicious, scrumptious and mouth-watering green smoothie recipes, which help lose 10 pounds in ten days. If you are a person tired of working out long hours at the gym and feel frustrated following any diet plan, then this 10-day cleanse plan is just for you.

In this book, we have introduced about 50 delicious , quick and easy (Paleo) green smoothies, which are ready within five minutes to give you a glass full of nutrients and help you melt your stubborn fat. The entire green smoothie recipes taste amazingly satisfying. All the recipes provide a nutritional breakdown, preparation time, and directions, so you choose wisely according to your require calorie intake.

This book also provides tips and tricks, the suggestion to lose fat and stay fit, advice on how to continue to lose weight and keep up good health afterward, and a shopping list for the 10-day cleanse so that the overall transaction goes smooth.

If you want overall weight loss in ten days without pushing yourself to the limits of dehydrating yourself at the gym, then this book is surely a gateway to success. Grab a fancy straw and sip your way to a 10-day cleanse process. Grab this book and jump-start your weight loss journey. Our 10-day cleanse program will not only keep you fit, but also increase overall body energy, clear your mind, and improve your overall health.

All the recipes prepared from the diverse combination of green vegetables and fruits.

So, jump in for a unique weight loss experience in just ten days and get the shape you deserve.

Just click the buy now button and experience your weight melt away. You will be truly happy for the mouth watering food you are going to taste and the experience of how your weight is melting away.

Thank you


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Alimentazione e Diete

Editore Jj Smith

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 18/06/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230003284179

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10 Day Green Smoothies Cleanse For Weight Loss

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