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I went from $0 to $100,000 annually in just a few years as a contributor to microstock photography websites. I achieved this in my spare time, just a few hours a day, and have figured out a strategy for how to generate a LOT of downloads for my work.

This guide shares just about everything I've learned so you can apply the steps in your own work. Do you need to be the world's best photographer or graphic artist? Absolutely not. In fact, my guide points out that it's much more important to have business common sense. Most of the microstock artists around the world simply don't understand this, and most will not achieve their goals. But if you follow these 100 suggestions, you'll not just have one, but 100 legs up on your competition!

BONUS: "The 10 Commandments for Success in Microstock." This summary at the end condenses the guide down to the 10 most essential tips you must follow to grow a successful microstock business. If you read nothing other than these 10 points and make them words to live by, your investment in this guide may be returned to you many times over.

This guide is not a technical how-to manual. This guide IS no-nonsense about approaching microstock as a business. Who are your customers? What do they need? What will make your work stand out and get bought?

These are the steps I follow every day in building my microstock business, and I lay out in simple terms how I surpassed my goal of $100,000 annually. I can't guarantee you'll get the same result, but this guide lays out a clear, straightforward plan of how I got there. It's up to you to follow it and see how far it leads you!


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100 Secrets for a $100,000 Career in Microstock Photography

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