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2084 and the AI Revolution, Updated and Expanded Edition - John C. Lennox
2084 and the AI Revolution, Updated and Expanded Edition - John C. Lennox

2084 and the AI Revolution, Updated and Expanded Edition

John C. Lennox
pubblicato da Zondervan

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Will technology change what it means to be human??

You don't have to be a computer scientist to have discerning conversations about artificial intelligence and technology. We all wonder where we're headed. Even now, technological innovations and machine learning have a daily impact on our lives, and many of us see good reasons to dread the future. Are we doomed to the surveillance society imagined in George Orwell's?1984??

Mathematician and philosopher John Lennox believes that there are credible responses to the daunting questions that AI poses, and he shows that Christianity has some very serious, sensible, evidence-based things to say about the nature of our quest for superintelligence.?

This newly updated and expanded edition of 2084?will introduce you to a kaleidoscope of ideas:?

  • Key recent developments in technological enhancement, bioengineering, and, in particular, artificial intelligence.?
  • Consideration of the nature of AI systems with insights from neuroscience?
  • The way AI is changing how we communicate, implications for medicine, manufacturing and the military, its use in advertising and automobiles, and education and the future of work??
  • How data is used today for surveillance, thought control?
  • The rise of virtual reality and the metaverse??
  • The transhumanist agenda and longtermism?
  • The agreements and disagreements that scientists and experts have about the future of AI?
  • The urgent need for regulation and control in light of the development of large language transformers like CHATGPT.?
  • Key insights from Scripture about the nature of human beings, the soul, our moral sense, our future, and what separates us from machines.?

In straight-forward, accessible language, you will get a better understanding of the current capacity of AI, its potential benefits and dangers, the facts and the fiction, as well as possible future implications.?

Since the questions posed by AI, daunting as they might be, affect most of us, they demand answers. 2084 and the AI Revolution, Updated and Expanded Edition has been written to challenge and ignite the curiosity of all readers. Whatever your worldview, Lennox provides clear information and credible answers that will bring you real hope for the future of humanity.

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Editore Zondervan

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/11/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780310166658

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2084 and the AI Revolution, Updated and Expanded Edition

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