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21st Century FEMA Study Course: Emergency Planning for Public Works (IS-554) - including National Incident Management System (NIMS) Approach

Progressive Management
pubblicato da Progressive Management

Prezzo online:

This Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) independent training course manual from the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) explains how public works prepares and plans for emergencies. Course Objectives - By the end of this course, participants will be able to: explain the relationships between public works activities and emergency planning; describe how to establish a planning team; explain how risk and vulnerability assessments are used in public works planning; explain how to plan for each activity in the emergency management process; explain basic principles for implementing and maintaining a public works emergency plan. Primary Audience - Public works professionals, urban planners, local government officials, elected officials.

Each community must develop an emergency plan that is community-specific and reflects the local environment. The emergency plan prepares all agencies, including public works, for the response activity.

Emergency planning guides preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities in your community following a hazard event. It establishes a mission and confirms consistency with agency-wide policies, procedures, and plans.

It serves as a starting point for the management of a disaster by the local public works agency. It allows the agency activity to have some influence in the outcome of the event.

An emergency plan defines local agency jurisdiction and enables all activity to be accomplished in an organized manner through the integration of public works with other disciplines in order to help provide for the protection of citizens and critical infrastructure. It helps with the identification of partners and other stakeholders.

As a part of the emergency planning process, your public works agency will have the opportunity to evaluate agency capabilities and can provide valuable input to make improvements.

The emergency plan prepares the public works agency for the management of all possible events. The plan can also identify contingencies for potential failures.

A well developed emergency management plan strengthens the foundation for community recovery and the reduction of future losses.

As a bonus, this compilation includes Disaster Response: Staff Officer's Handbook with Observations, Insights, and Lessons - Comprehensive Information on Military Response to Natural Disasters, Emergency Management, Terrorism.
This is a uniquely valuable, informative, and up-to-date guide to military emergency management response, covering all aspects of defense support to civilians in times of crisis. Contents: Introduction * Chapter 1 - The Language of Disasters and Incidents * Chapter 2 - The Legal Framework * Chapter 3 - The National Response Framework and National Incident Management System * Chapter 4 - Department of Defense Role in Incident Response * Chapter 5 - Emergency Support Functions * Appendix A - Unit Planning Considerations * Appendix B - Casualties * Appendix C - Biological Incidents * Appendix D - Nuclear and Radiological Incidents * Appendix E - Catastrophic Incidents * Appendix F - Terrorist Incidents * Appendix G - Mass Evacuation Incidents * Appendix H - Nongovernmental Organizations * Appendix I - Legal Considerations and Law Enforcement * Appendix J - Operations Security * Appendix K - Airspace Command and Control * Appendix L - Search and Rescue * Appendix M - After-Action Reviews * Appendix N - Composite Risk Management * Appendix O - State Points of Contact * Appendix P - Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers * Appendix Q - Websites.


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21st Century FEMA Study Course: Emergency Planning for Public Works (IS-554) - including National Incident Management System (NIMS) Approach

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