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30 Weeks 1 Day

Diana Nicholls
pubblicato da DNPT Running

Prezzo online:

"Thirty weeks and one day. I lived every single day of that pregnancy in the moment, day by day, hour by hour. They were the weeks that put me through one of the biggest tests in my life."

For as long as she could remember, Diana would choose one song - any song - to play on repeat while she ran. In this meditative rhythm, nothing could stop her, not even the pain of a chronic condition.

Diana would later draw on this strength to get through one of the biggest marathons of her life. A time when - supported by her husband and a team of obstetricians, surgeons, neonatal intensive care unit nurses and a psychiatrist - she'd learn the true weight of the phrase 'day by day' as she watches her babies fight to survive.

30 Weeks 1 Day is the inspiring story of a mother realising just how strong she can be, even when she thinks she has nothing left to give.

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30 Weeks 1 Day

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