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366 Ways to Know Your Character

Rachelle Ayala
pubblicato da Rachelle Ayala

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An all-new writing skills reference book from the author of Romance In a Month:

Have you ever wanted ...
To create unforgettable characters? The kind readers talk about well after the book is finished?
Your characters to jump off the page and tell you what they like and dislike?
To make your characters multi-dimensional, complicated, deeper, and larger than life?
Create compelling quirks, flaws, and internal conflicts to differentiate your characters?
To keep your story from being predictable by having your character surprise you and your reader?
To hear readers tell you they walked with your characters, lived, loved, and felt every emotion your character experienced?
To have an ongoing relationship with your characters so you can keep them consistent if writing a series?

366 Ways to Know Your Character is the right workbook for you. Whether you're developing your character before writing, or working it out as you're writing, answering the daily questions can stimulate your characters to surprise and shock you as well as take your story in directions you might not have expected.

Each question is designed to draw you deeper into your character's psyche. It doesn't matter whether the answer jumps out at you or that you must painfully dig it out. Either way, you will win new insights into your characters until they feel and act like real people.

Answer the daily questions and revolutionize your writing with living, breathing characters you and your readers will remember long after the dust settles on "The End."

Use this book with the companion Romance In A Month: Guide to Writing a Romance in 30 Days.
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366 Ways to Know Your Character

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