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A Blade of Grass

Mike Hodgson
pubblicato da Grosvenor House Publishing

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Combining evidence and theory, this book questions whether plant life and creatures could all evolve from a few cells, all with their own individual DNA, each with the intelligence of a thousand computers built in. It discusses the Big Bang theory, where our world began, the beauty of creation and all the world's elements. What happened 6,000 years ago that dramatically changed our world? In 1,500 years, humankind developed the ability not only to record history, but went from living in caves to building palaces. Something must have caused this change! Could it be God created a new Adam and Eve? Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam based on myth or reality? Are we a unique combination of mind, body and spirit? And finally, what is history, and how does it shape our interpretation of the world around us?

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A Blade of Grass

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