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A brutal murder rocks a city. An innocent man stands accused. And justice is the next to die.

A novel that examines the nature of justice - and injustice - follows an ordinary man who, through no fault of his own, is hounded, hunted, and almost destroyed for a crime he did not commit. Perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and Mark Nolan.

'Catapults Lescroart into the top ranks of crime writers' - Playboy

In San Francisco--a city of tolerance and hope--everything came apart. One man died at the hands of another. The next victim was killed by a mob. Now fires burn in the night, helicopters throb through the air, and politicians, lawyers and cops vie for the remnants of power. Somewhere in the once-placid streets of San Francisco, a young man is on the run, charged by the media with a crime he didn't commit, hounded by demagogues, hunted by a desperate police department. One cop knows that Kevin Shea is innocent of a brutal racial murder. An ambitious politician will use Shea for her own ends. And a down-and-out lawyer is all that stands between Kevin Shea and an even more atrocious crime. For when there's no law left, justice is the only hope.

What readers are saying about A Certain Justice:

'A mystery thriller with twists and turns as fast as a bullet'

'You'll not be able to put the book down until you've read the last word'

'Compelling story of how justice can be manipulated by people in high places'


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A Certain Justice

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