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Contained within this antique book is a wonderful little guide to wood carving, including information on the tools, techniques, and materials necessary for successful carving. Complete with easy to follow instructions and detailed, helpful diagrams, this text is perfect for the beginner and will also be of value to those with wood carving experience. A text sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in woodworking, this text makes for a great addition to any collection of hand crafting literature. The chapters of this book include: Bench, tools, etc.; Sharpening the Tools; Handling the Tools; Lighting, Cramps, Lettering; Router, Scrapers, Scratch Stock; Incised Lettering; Lettering; Wood Carving in Colour; Carving Small Things From Wood; The Eagle; The Fish; Squirrel Book Ends; Salad Servers; Welsh Spoon Carving... et cetera. We are proud to republish this antique text here complete with a new introduction on decorative woodwork.

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A Handy Guide to Wood Carving

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