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About the book This book peels back the layers of the divorce experience like an onion, while sharing how the author discovered that with every emotion and circumstance God was present. Using the "hole in the fence" to picture the process of divorce, she describes how some people led the way to the other side; some walked beside and took her hand; and how at the most difficult times she was carried through by God. Lynn Carroll examines the emotions of divorce from A-Z literally. Through anecdote, story, poetry, and expert advice, each emotion is described and dealt with by the author, with positive and negative responses matched. For example, there's "Anger - Abundance" and "Betrayal - Beauty" and "Depression - Discovery." Because of this unique organization, readers can begin with a section that connects closely with their current experience, and then move on to others. "My goal," the author says, "is to help readers cope with and move through the difficult experience of divorce. Yes, this is my personal story of finding my way through 'the hole in the fence,' to the other side of divorce. More than that it's the Lord's story of how he helped this once broken person become whole again. And my hope is that readers will make it our story by finding something helpful in these pages and putting it to work for themselves." About the author Lynn Carroll is a nurse and someone who has experienced the difficulties of divorce. She understands the importance of emotional health, faith, and forgiveness. Lynn enjoys metal work, gardening, and spending time with her three grown children. Praise for A Hole in the Fence In the recording and ordering of these reflections, Lynn Carroll has claimed God's promise to offer beauty where there had once been ashes (Isaiah 61:3). In sharing them with you, her deepest desire is that you will discover, as she has, that there is fullness of life after the death of a relationship. At times your heart may be tight with anger over the betrayal you've known or the effect this loss has upon your children. But in time you, too, will discover abundance and beauty and courage thriving like the roses in Mr. Grabill's garden. There is a hole in the fence for you, too, a passageway through your loss to hope and health. Lynn can show you where those loose boards are and help you make your way to the other side of divorce and the life waiting there for you. ~ Christine Ann Timm - Lead Pastor - Olivet Lutheran Church of Sylvania, Ohio


Generi Famiglia Scuola e Università » Famiglia e Figli » Separazione e divorzio

Editore Healthy Life Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 24/11/2014

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781939267894

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A Hole in the Fence

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