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This is my second book chronicling my adventures with goats. In my first book, "Gone with the Goats," I described how my husband, Robert, and I had resettled from Arizona to Maryland in 2003, moving into a home on eight acres of mostly-forested land that allowed room for our beloved dogs to run. The property had a couple of drawbacks, however: clinging vines and thorny brambles, which were choking many of our trees.

In 2007, in an effort to eradicate these annoyances, I acquired a couple of weed-eaters -- i.e., pygmy goats -- whom I appropriately named Husq and Varna, after the Swedish power tool company. For more than a decade, my sweet little girls performed their jobs admirably, completely eliminating the unwanted vegetation on the five acres of forest in which they inhabited, and turning it into a paradise.

Then one autumn day in 2017, my darling black pygmy goat, Varna, was mysteriously killed. This left my brown pygmy, Husq, without a companion. This book provides a detailed diary of my adventures in finding a new goat friend for Husq, and how this new goat acclimated to her new surroundings. More importantly, they describe how she and Husq forged their relationship, and the memories we all made together. 23,000 words.

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