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A Notorious Woman

Malcolm MacDonald
pubblicato da Malcolm Macdonald

Prezzo online:

Published by St Martin's Press in New York and Piatkus in London, in 1988, A Notorious Woman attracted the following notices:
* A compelling tale, offering an interesting insight into Cornish life a century ago Cornish Packet
* These adventures of the beguiling Ms Rosewarne will keep a fair few enthralled during ... this summer Manchester Evening News
* Ably blends cogent social commentary with romance ... With its emphasis on moral propriety, tart repartee, and the all-important social milieu, this book echoes 19th century fiction, but its protrayal of the degradation and oppression of women has contemporary relevance Publishers Weekly
* The writing has pace ... by an author who clearly loves the Cornish countryside Plymouth Sunday Independent
* Macdonald is as long-winded as ever, but his readers should find reason to stay with him-or with Jo, a character they'll take a shine to Kirkus
* ... will sweep you into the world of lovers' secrets and titillate you with the deep passions lying beneath a calm surface Rave Reviews
* True to form, Macdonald has penned another gloriously impassioned adventure ... Splendid historical fiction from a master of the genre Margaret Flanagan in Booklist
Andof Macdonald himself: *He is every bit as bad as Dickens - Martin Seymour-Smith


Generi Gialli Noir e Avventura » Romanzi storici , Romanzi e Letterature » Narrativa d'ambientazione storica

Editore Malcolm Macdonald

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310844737

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A Notorious Woman

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