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A Shattered Silence is the third episode in the e-serial The Roaring Redwoods.

Joseph Santone begins construction on his vision of luxury in the forest, a grand hotel designed by the famous architect Julia Morgan. But if he doesn't find a way to address his business affairs in Chicago, he won't have the funding he needs to continue. The only problem is, if he returns to Chicago-- he may not get out alive.

Helen's cafe is thriving with Joe's work crews but it doesn't lessen the sting that Joe bought land she believes should be hers.

William Decker and Ruthie have left town to spend the money from the land sale- leaving Wilson behind to find his own way. A way clouded by the shame of his parentage.

Shaw McLendon continues to chase his American Dream of being a lumberman in the redwood forests-- far from the fishing boats of his native Scotland. But the trees of his dreams were easier to fell.

Mei Xing Chen does not share the dreams of her family to return to China, but as they sell their business and wait to board the ship, she sees no other possibilities. Until she does.

It's Spring in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The rains come heavy and loud-- to wash anew and wash away.

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A Shattered Silence

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