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Few people hunting today are fully aware of the history of their sport. Accounts of the subject can be somewhat dry and academic. So, in an easy and entertaining manner, here is a concise summary of how this much-misunderstood sport has survived and flourished through centuries of change, to the benefit of the fox and its environment.
- Concise chapters gallop through the history of hunting from 1066 to the present day, interspersed with snippets of hunting verse and song
- Index of foxhunting packs in the UK, Ireland and North America
- Specially-commissioned line illustrations of hunting scenes by Alastair Jackson

Hunting is a sport with not only a colourful history, but also a promising future. The next generation still responds with great enthusiasm and commitment to the appeal of foxhunting, providing eager recruits each season to the hunting field.

This book will appeal to social historians and all who hunt today.


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A Short History of Foxhunting

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