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A Walk Through Carnival

Edwidge Danticat
pubblicato da Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

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A Vintage Shorts Travel Selection

Growing up in Haiti, Edwidge Danticat kept well clear of carnivalterrified by the stories of danger and debauchery that her uncle told her. Decades later, a grown woman and accomplished author, she returns home to find out what she's been missing.

In this selection from After the Dance, Danticat fuses her present-day observations with her own childhood memories and weaves a deeply personal reflection on the home she left behind. Through conversations with other attendees and her own deft reporting, she takes readers into the very heart of the festival. A Walk Through Carnival is as much memoir as it is travelogue; and, in these pages, the National Book Critics Circle Award-winning author of Brother, I'm Dying brings the electric spirit of carnival vividly to life.

An eBook short.


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A Walk Through Carnival

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