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AQA A Level Sociology Student Book 1 (Collins AQA A Level Sociology)

Dave Aiken - Martin Holborn - Stephen Moore - Steve Chapman
pubblicato da HarperCollins Publishers

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Exam Board: AQA
Level & Subject: AS Sociology
First teaching: September 2015 First exams: June 2016

AQA approved

This fourth edition of Collins' respected AQA A-level Sociology series is updated for the 2015 AQA Sociology specifications. Covering AS and Year 1 of A-level, it will help students master the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their study and engage with contemporary society.

This textbook has been revised by our team of expert authors, who are practising sociologists, teachers and HE experts. It includes full coverage of Education with Methods in Context; Culture and Identity; Families and Households; Health; and Work, Poverty and Welfare. Tried and tested content works alongside new features to ensure that students:

  • understand essential theories and perspectives with up-to-date explanations and key concepts defined on the page
  • engage with the latest research with in-depth explorations of new and classic research studies and accompanying questions
  • develop proficiency in critical analysis with up-to-date case studies and questions focused on analysis and evaluation
  • acquire strong research skills with practical tasks that actively involve students in the research process
  • reflect and evaluate with prompt questions integrated into the explanation
  • assess progress and apply learning with extensive practice questions for every Topic, including both short answer and extended writing.

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AQA A Level Sociology Student Book 1 (Collins AQA A Level Sociology)

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