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Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase-Telling the OTTERS to leave home was a REALLY Big Mistake

Neil Humphreys
pubblicato da Marshall Cavendish International

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Synopsis: Abbie Rose takes her popular magic suitcase on a wild adventure with a whole family of adorable animals. With her best friend Billy, Abbie Rose heads into the swampy wetlands and meets six otters. But she makes a really big mistake when she tells the otters to look for a new home. She doesn't find a new otter home. She finds a dangerous cage and gets herself trapped.This time, the otters must work together as a family to save Abbie Rose. The Series: Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase series of books is targeted at children aged 3 to 8. Abbie Rose travels to faraway places and goes on many adventures with her friend Billy through the help of a magic suitcase. The series will expose readers to new destinations and environmental themes and will expand their imagination and creativity and understanding of the world around them. The Author and Illustrator: Neil Humphreys is Singapore's best-selling author. His books have consistently ranked no.1 on The Straits Times Bestsellers list. His novels also received critical acclaim in the UK. A devoted father, he hopes to give children brighter, funnier books to read. Cheng Puay Koon is an international best-selling author and one of Singapore's most in-demand illustrators. Her award-winning illustrations have featured in diverse local publications as well as in campaigns by leading advertising agencies and MNCs. The dedicated mother of two girls just wants her illustrations to make children smile. Interactive learning at your fingertips! Have more fun with Abbie Rose via the Ring Ring app! Abbie Rose x Ring Ring Story (RRS) Tie-up. Ring Ring Story is a mobile app that helps children, especially those who are not yet able to read independently, learn more systematically and thus effectively from books through pre-recorded bite-size videos by storytellers. The ultimate aim is to help young children become independent learners and readers. And what better series to kick off this learning journey than the Abbie Rose & The Magic Suitcase! Book 1: The Day A Panda Really Saved My Life Book 2: I Trapped a Dolphin but It Really Wasn't My Fault Book 3: Picking Up a Penguin's Egg Really Got Me into TroubleBook 4: I Saved Two Tigers with a Really Magical Idea Book 5: Telling the Otters to Leave Home Was a Really Big MistakeBook 6: Feeding the Monkeys Really Made a Mess The Abbie Rose x Ring Ring Story (RRS) tie up will include cool features such as: A full interactive storytelling session, available on-demand, for children to read the book along with Abbie Rose and Neil Humphreys. Fun facts about the animals for readers to expand their knowledge of the natural world. An "outdoor" discussion segment with Abbie Rose as useful conversation starters. Crafting and colouring session with free downloadable worksheets for more artistic fun.Available on Android and iOS. Click this link to download the Abbie Rose Presentation Deck to know more about Abbie Rose x RRS today! Abbie Rose & the Magic Suitcase will have its own series page on the Ring Ring Story website. Readers can access the title listing easily by scanning the QR code found on the back of the physical book. *The Ring Ring Story homepage is a work in progress.Do look out for the official announcements!


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Narrativa » Narrativa » Storie di animali

Editore Marshall Cavendish International

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 31/03/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9789814841146

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Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase-Telling the OTTERS to leave home was a REALLY Big Mistake

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