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Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching

Dennis Dunbar - Katrin Eismann - Wayne Palmer
pubblicato da Pearson Education

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Whether you're a professional photographer or the family shutterbug, you can't afford to miss the fourth edition of the now classic Photoshop Restoration & Retouching. Katrin Eismann and co-authors Wayne Palmer and Dennis Dunbar have reviewed, updated, and revised every single technique to address the most important features in Adobe Photoshop CC. Clear step-by-step instructions using professional examples highlight the tools and techniques photographers, designers, restoration studios, and beauty retouchers use to restore valuable antique images, retouch portraits, and enhance glamour, food, and architectural photography. With new example images illustrating the tutorials, Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, Fourth Edition will show you how to transform faded, damaged photographs into beautiful images that are as clear and crisp as the day they were taken-maybe even better-and how to turn casual snapshots and studio portraits into the most flattering images possible.

Full-color, step-by-step examples show you how to

Correct extreme exposure errors and improve color, contrast, and tone

Rescue heirloom originals suffering from mold damage, cracks, and torn edges-even replace missing image information

Remove dust and scratches quickly and easily

Transform your photos into beautiful, original works of art by converting them to black-and white or tinted images

Use a variety of sharpening techniques and tonal-correction tools to add life and sparkle to digital photos

Enhance portraits by removing blemishes, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing eyes, lips, and hair, while maintaining the subject's essential character

Apply the secrets that the top retouchers in the glamour and beauty industry use to perfect skin, make-up, and hair

Retouch and enhance architectural, product and food shots.


Generi Informatica e Web » Digital Life » Video digitale

Editore Pearson Education

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/07/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780132117524

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Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching

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