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George Felton
pubblicato da WW Norton & Co

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A classic text now in a new edition, George Felton's Advertising: Concept and Copy is an innovative approach to advertising creativity. It covers the entire conceptual process, from developing smart strategy to executing it with strong ads-from what to say to how to say it. Part 1, Strategies, operates on the premise that the idea beneath an ad's surface determines its success. This first section shows how to research products, understand consumer behavior, analyze audiences, and navigate marketplace realities, then how to write creative briefs that focus this strategic analysis into specific advertising objectives. Part 2, Executions, explains how to put strategy into play. It discusses the tools at a copywriter's command-creating a distinctive brand voice, telling stories, using language powerfully and originally-as well as the wide variety of media and advertising genres that carry and help shape messages. But great executions are elusive. So Part 3, the Toolbox, gives advice about how to think creatively, then presents an array of problem-solving tools, a series of techniques that advertisers have used repeatedly to produce exceptional work. In brief, this book shows how to find strong selling ideas and how to express them in fresh, memorable, persuasive ways. The new edition features greatly expanded discussions of guerrilla advertising, interactive advertising, brand voice, storytelling, and the use of social media. Hundreds of ads in full color, both in the book and on an accompanying Web site, demonstrate the best in television, radio, print, and interactive advertising. Advertising: Concept and Copy is the most comprehensive text in its field, combining substantial discussion of both strategy and technique with an emphasis on the craft of writing not found elsewhere. It is truly a writer's copywriting text.

La nostra recensione

The updated third edition . . . continues to provide new generations with a powerful, in-depth approach to creative advertising routines . . . . [A] recommended pick for any business library. -- Midwest Book Review This book should be handed out to every freshman in college instead of taking that freshman comp class. It's a beautifully written and illustrated exposition of everything you need to know about writing lucid, funny, eye-grabbing, thought-provoking copy, whether for the Web, journalism, or longer forms-like books. Read this instead of Strunk and White; it's much more useful and to the point. -- Nick Morgan, PhD, communication theorist and coach, founder of Public Words Felton has not just written a course on copywriting techniques, but rather a travelogue through the land of thinking. . . . Even the most long-suffering, jaded, cynical agency ad person will benefit from having this book in the desk drawer and secretly dipping into the 'Toolbox.' -- Byron Ferris, Communication Arts magazine Finally a book that strips away some of the smoke and mirrors of the creative process and gives students a groundwork for concepting an advertisement. I would recommend it to anyone considering this profession. -- Christopher Cole, vice president/creative director, BBDO, New York Full of incredibly useful stuff that will make anyone thinking about getting into advertising up to speed on the most important part: the Idea. -- Steve Stone, founding partner, Heat, San Francisco The best advertising book I have ever read. Most books overextend with power phrases and industry lingo. Advertising: Concept and Copy, on the other hand, speaks superbly to anybody. I think it's the clearest and most concise text yet produced for the advertising professional, covering all the most relevant topics without being boring or technical. It's practical, intelligent, relevant-and my secret weapon. -- Simon Morris, director, P2P Interactive Marketing & Advertising, Melbourne, Australia


Generi Business & Economics » Advertising » Sales & Marketing

Editore Ww Norton & Co

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 06/09/2013

Pagine 320

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780393733860

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