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The history of African Americans is a long, grim history full of injustices and brutality. But it is also filled with courage and perseverance. Gathered here in this omnibus edition are ten books that exemplify courage and a willingness to fight against all odds and at any cost for what is right. These books shed light on a proud people who have been mistreated for hundreds of years, a people who have refused to give up, and who continue to demand respect and their rightful place in our society. Included in this edition are 'Up from Slavery' by Booker T. Washington; 'The Negro Problem' by Booker T. Washington; 'Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl' by Linda Brent; 'Twelve Years a Slave' by Solomon Northup; 'The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man' by James Weldon Johnson; 'The Mis-Education of the Negro' by Carter G. Woodson; 'My Bondage and My Freedom' by Frederick Douglass; 'The Magazine Articles of Frederick Douglass'; 'Selected Addresses of Frederick Douglass'; and 'Passing' by Nella Larsen.

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African American Heritage Super Pack #1

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