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Alchemical Writings

pubblicato da KKIEN Publ. Int.

Prezzo online:

This is a collection of four alchemical tracts written by one of the most famous alchemists who was said to have discovered the Philosopher's Stone. In these writings Paracelsus attempts to educate the reader about the nature of the Philosopher's Stone and the scientific principles from which we can be assured of its existence and understand how it works.
The Aurora of the Philosophers is, for example, one of the most in depth texts ever written on the subject of alchemy. The matter of the Tincture, then, is a very great pearl and a most precious treasure, and the noblest thing next to the manifestation of the Most High. Coelum Philosophorum is a compilation of various basic principles of alchemy; it describes properties of various substances and elements, clarifies basic principles and laws that work within this field of science, and speculates on its moral aspects. The Treasure of Treasures is a recipe for creating something that is never clearly identified and could be the philosopher's stone or its equivalent.
Any text combines theory with action and allows the reader, if they possess the intellect necessary, to fully understand the basic corpus of alchemical work.

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Alchemical Writings

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