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Alexander's Nursing Practice E-Book

Ian Peate - OBE - FRCN - EN(G) RGN - DipN(Lond) - RNT B.Ed (Hons) - Ma - LLM
pubblicato da Elsevier Health Sciences

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The latest edition of this popular volume has been fully updated throughout to meet the needs of the 2018 NMC Standards of Proficiency. Richly illustrated throughout, the book comes with `real-life' Case Studies to helpreaderscontextualise and apply new information, pathophysiology to explain disease processes, enhanced discussion of pharmacology and medicines management to assist with `prescribing readiness', and helpful learning features which include Key Nursing Issues and Reflection and Learning - What Next?

Available with a range of supplementary online tools and learning activities, Alexander's Nursing Practice, fifth edition, will be ideal for all undergraduate adult nursing students, the Trainee Nursing Associate, and anyone returning to practice.

  • New edition of the UK's most comprehensive textbook on Adult Nursing!

  • Retains the popular `three-part' structure to ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject area - Common Disorders, Core Nursing Issues and Specific Patient Groups

  • Illustrative A&P and pathophysiology help explain key diseases and disorders

  • `Real-life' Case Studies helpcontextualise and apply new information

  • Explains relevant tests and investigations and, when needed, the role of the nurse in the context of each of them

  • Helpful learning features include Key Nursing Issues and Reflection and Learning - What Next?

  • Encourages readers to critically examine issues that are related to care provision

  • Useful icons throughout the text directs readers to additional online material

  • Glossary contains over 300 entries to explain new terminology and concepts

  • Appendices include notes on Système International (SI) units and reference ranges for common biochemical and haematological values

  • Perfect for second and third-year undergraduate nursing students, senior Trainee Nursing Associates, those `returning to practice' or needing to review practice and prepare for revalidation

  • Edited by the world-renowned Ian Peate - editor of the British Journal of Nursing - who brings together a new line up of contributors from across the UK and Australia

  • Reflects contemporary issues such as the complexity of acute admissions and the increasing importance of the multidisciplinary approach to patient care

  • Reflects the 2018 NMC Standards of Proficiency for Nurses and the NMC 2018 Code

  • Helps prepare students for `prescribing readiness', with basic principles of pharmacology, evidence-based person-centred approaches to medicines management and an understanding of the regulatory, professional legal and ethical frameworks

  • Recognises the introduction of the Nursing Associate role in England


Generi Scienza e Tecnica » Medicina

Editore Elsevier Health Sciences

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/11/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780702065026

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