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I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One

Ainsley A. Carter
pubblicato da Global Impact Discussion Zone

Prezzo online:

I Am So Blessed- The Journey Volume One is a compilation of poems written to tickle the mind. Together, these poems tell the story of life and show that in the journey of life one is never alone in their trial but can be alone in their immediate space. This book depicting topics on Blessings, Life, Love, Relationships, Nature-Life Comparisons, and Inspiration, hopes to intrigue the mind about happiness, sadness, love, pain, plans, thoughts, dreams, deceit, truths, and lies.

As you read through the book, poems such as Blessed, Loving Life, A Letter to Mom, Flutters, They Can All Go To Hell, Ants, and The Jackass and the Horse, and many, many more, you will realize that they were written to tell the story of life. Its written mission is to capture the imagination of the reader; to draw them with intent to fascinate them about their own life's journey of remembrance of situations within their life's journey.

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I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One

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