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I Am Still The Greatest Says Johnny Angelo is Nik Cohn's hymn to rock as myth, in all its crazed, absurd and glorious excess. Partly based on the legendary rocker, P J Proby, Johnny Angelo is the pop star to end all pop stars - narcissistic, mock-heroic and massively destructive. The novel follows his progress from warped infancy to final messianic explosion. A top read, which David Bowie once claimed inspired Ziggy Stardust.

Cohn writes in such a rich, strange prose style that its responses linger long after the book's initial impact. His opulent, staccato sentences add weight to the edginess and near hysteria of Johnny Angelo, the novel's central character. And in Angelo, Rock singer and shaman, we have a genuine archetype. - Robert Holland

Angelo is the rock writer's wet dream, a mythical, heroic saga which blends pre-Army Elvis with Iggy Pop, Little Richard, Vince Taylor, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and P J Proby - Marc Issue - Blitz


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I Am Still The Greatest Says Johnny Angelo

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