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This book has a greater number of sequence photographs than other books on aikido techniques previously published. This will help beginners to understand what they need to pay attention in mastering basic movements. It also has many close-up photographs and photographs taken from some different angles which I hope will make techniques more understandable. It will also be of great help to instructors in charge of beginners and children.
The basics explained in this book constitute the fundamentals of aikido techniques. Therefore you have to keep practicing them even after you are promoted to higher ranks. I hope this book will help you to check what you have learned by observing your instructor's demonstrations at your dojo and thereby improve your skills

Before You Start Training
Bowing/Kamae/How to Stand Up/How to Sit Down
Tai-sabakiIrimi/Tenkan/Tenshin/Tenkai 24
Wrist ExercisesWrist Exercise for Dai-nikyo/Wrist Exercise for Kote-gaeshi
Back Stretching Exercise

Irimi-nageShomen-uchi Irimi-nage/Yokomen-uchi Irimi-nage/Katate-dori Irimi-nage (Ai-hanmi)/Katate-dori Irimi-nage (Gyaku-hanmi)
Shiho-nageKatate-dori Shiho-nage (Gyaku-hanmi) Omote&Ura/Hanmi-handachi Katate-dori Shiho-nage/Yokomen-uchi Shiho-nage Omote&Ura
Tenchi-nage Ryote-dori Tenchi-nage Omote&Ura
Kaiten-nageKatate-dori Kaiten-nage Uchi-kaiten&Soto-kaiten
Kote-gaeshiTsuki Kote-gaeshi/Shomen-uchi Kote-gaeshi/Katate-dori Kote-gaeshi
Dai-ikkyo Shomen-uchi Dai-ikkyo Omote&Ura/Shomen-uchi Dai-ikkyo Zagi Omote&Ura/Katate-dori Dai-ikkyo (Ai-hanmi ) Omote&Ura
Dai-nikyoShomen-uchi Dai-nikyo Omote&Ura/Kata-dori Dai-Nikyo Omote&Ura
Dai-sankyoShomen-uchi Dai-sankyo Omote&Ura/Ushiro-Ryotekubi-dori Dai-sankyo Omote&Ura
Dai-yonkyoShomen-uchi Dai-yonkyo Omote&Ura
Developing Kokyu-ryoku
Kokyu-ho Zaho
Kokyu-ho Rippo(Morote-dori Kokyu-ho) Omote& Ura
Aikido and the Aikikai Public Utility Foundation
Brief Personal Records of Successive Doshus

Mitsuteru Ueshiba(Director of the Hombu Dojo of Aikido)
Mitsuteru Ueshiba was born on June the 27th, 1981 (the 56th year of the Showa era) as a grandson of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido, and the eldest son of Moriteru Ueshiba, the incumbent Doshu of Aikido. After graduating from Toyo University in March, 2006 (the 18th year of the Heisei era) he started working for the Aikikai Foundation and in 2015 (the 27th year of the Heisei era) became the Director of the Hombu Dojo of Aikido. He is currently the Director of Hombu Dojo, the Aikikai (Public Utility) Foundation, which is the very centre of aikido practiced in 140 countries and regions in the world, and is enthusiastically working based in the Hombu Dojo of Aikido for the promotion of aikido in Japan as well as in many parts of the world.


Generi Sport » Altri sport

Editore Naigai Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 17/03/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 6490258000343

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An Introduction to Aikido

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