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An Introduction to Criminological Theory - Roger Hopkins Burke
An Introduction to Criminological Theory - Roger Hopkins Burke

An Introduction to Criminological Theory

Roger Hopkins Burke
pubblicato da Taylor & Francis Ltd

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This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to criminological theory for students taking courses in criminology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Building on previous editions, which broadened the debate on criminological theory, this book presents the latest research and theoretical developments. The text is divided into five parts, the first three of which address ideal type models of criminal behaviour: the rational actor, predestined actor and victimized actor models. Within these, the various criminological theories are located chronologically in the context of one of these different traditions, and the strengths and weaknesses of each theory and model are clearly identified. The fourth part of the book looks closely at more recent attempts to integrate theoretical elements from both within and across models of criminal behaviour, while the fifth part addresses a number of key recent concerns of criminology: postmodernism, cultural criminology, globalization and communitarianism. All major theoretical perspectives are considered, including: classical criminology, biological and psychological positivism, labelling theories, feminist criminology, critical criminology and left realism, social control theories, the risk society. The new edition also features comprehensive coverage of recent developments in criminology, including situation action theory, desistance theory, peacemaking criminology, Loic Wacquant's thesis of the penal society, critical race theory and Southern theory. This revised and expanded fourth edition of An Introduction to Criminological Theory includes chapter summaries, critical thinking questions, a full glossary of terms and theories and a timeline of criminological theory, making it essential reading for those studying criminology.

La nostra recensione

This latest edition not only offers readers an exhaustive, accessible and up-to-date explanation of criminological theories, but highlights their application and relevance to contemporary debates and developments. Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand theories of crime and why they matter. Neil Chakraborti, Reader in Criminology, University of Leicester An Introduction to Criminological Theory offers a sound introduction to key theories relevant to crime matters in the modern age. Accessible and informative, it is written with the reflective criminologist in mind. As such, it is a must for all students, and anyone interested in explaining crime and considering how we respond to its occurrence. Tina Patel, Lecturer in Criminology University of Salford

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Generi Non definito

Editore Taylor & Francis Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 10/12/2013

Pagine 586

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780415501736

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An Introduction to Criminological Theory

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