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An Obsession with Death and Dying: Volume Two

Cornell Woolrich
pubblicato da Estate of Cornell Woolrich in conjunction with Renaissance Literary & Talent

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An Obsession with Death and Dying is a dual-volume collection of some of the most macabre short stories Cornell Woolrich ever wrote, many of which haven't seen print for decades. In honor of the 50th anniversary of his death, we are resurrecting these thrillingly gruesome tales and reintroducing them to a new generation of noir, horror and mystery fans. Each story within these volumes contains some variant of the words "death" or "dying" in their titles, of which there are over 40 in the extensive pantheon of Woolrich's short fiction. The idea of death was a constant existential thundercloud that loomed over this tortured writer's head. He had a fascination with it, a lifelong obsession, one that bled through into his writing and motivated his characters to do some truly horrifying things. Let this master of suspense take you along for a deathly ride in An Obsession with Death and Dying on the 50th anniversary of his death.

"Death Waits No More" (Volume Two) features stories that do not hesitate to unleash the horror of death upon you in the most explicit ways imaginable. You will find physical grotesqueries running rampant in these stories, with dead bodies and body parts playing major roles in the movement of the plot. Tread lightly through these nine horrific tales:

-Dilemma of the Dead Lady

-The Death of Me

-The Night I Died

-Death Wins the Sweepstakes

-Dead on Her Feet

-The Living Lie Down with the Dead

-Death Sits in the Dentist's Chair

-Through a Dead Man's Eye

-And So to Death

Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich (4 December 1903 - 25 September 1968) is one of America's best crime and noir writers, and sometimes wrote under the pseudonyms William Irish or George Hopley. He invented and mastered the genre of "pulp-fiction" and wrote hundreds of short stories, novellas and full length novels. One of his most famous stories was "It Had to be Murder," which was adapted into the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window in 1954.


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An Obsession with Death and Dying: Volume Two

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