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Andy Warhol: Drag & Draw
Andy Warhol: Drag & Draw

Andy Warhol: Drag & Draw

Nina Schleif
pubblicato da Hirmer Verlag

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This book highlights two series of little known drawings from the 1950's, drawings where Andy Warhol first explored the controversial and for him deeply personal subject of drag. His oeuvre during the first decade of his career, before he became the god father of Pop, has proven to be enormously influential on his life's work but remains little known. In 1953, Warhol created two unique series of drawings, quite different from his commissioned work. In one series, he developed an ensemble of spirited wome n that were derived from photographs of stage divas and - of men in drag. He delved deeper into the art of dressing as the opposite sex with his second series, a set of portraits of men posing in high and low drag. This book considers Warhol's work and its d ebt to newly discovered photographs that his friend, photographer Otto Fenn, staged explicitly for Warhol's purpose. Drag & Draw sheds light on New York's secret gay and drag scenes during the repressive 1950s

La nostra recensione

Just when you thought there wasn't anything new to learn about Warhol, this book offers an insightful, informative look back at these portraits by the artist as a young man. -- The Gay & Lesbian Review


Generi Arts & Photography » History of Art » Painting & Drawing » Individual Artists

Editore Hirmer Verlag

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 01/08/2017

Pagine 144

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9783777429779

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Andy Warhol: Drag & Draw

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