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Anti-Jealousy: Quick Methods to Deal with Jealousy

pubblicato da INSTAFO

Prezzo online:

Take Action Against "Jealousy" Now!

Welcome, do you have any of these similar confessions to make?

- "I easily feel threatened and want to bring down my fellow peers who are in the same boat or better than me.

- "I always get suspicious and possessive in all my relationships and want to control everybody."

- "I constantly compare myself to the standard and success of others' for my own happiness."

Your penance? No need to beat yourself up for having "jealousy." It is nothing that can't be absolved.

Jealousy is one of humankind's original sins, as "envy," and oldest emotions, as a primitive driving force to compete for survival of the fitness and for courtship to not get left behind in the gene pool. Unfortunately, having jealousy can only discourage, distract, and drain us from focusing on ourselves and appreciating what we do have.

Why must you take jealousy seriously? It's because it can lead you to do something out of character that destroys your reputation, relationship, and everything else which you hold dear. Jealousy may seem harmless on the surface, but it is a silent self-destructive menace wreaking havoc on how you behave, become, and be. It doesn't even have to be your own jealousy - but the jealousy coming from other people.

Bulletproof Mentality for "Anti-Jealousy" will help you with...

* How to catch and control the emotional triggers that spike your jealousy.

* How to convert jealous people around you into close allies and admirers.

* How to manage jealousy in your relationship from spiraling out of control.

* How to cope with jealousy from within immediate family members and friends.

* How to stop being envious of those better than you and have what you don't have.

...including many more.

If you're feeling jealous or dealing with jealous individuals, don't pretend it's no big deal. Jealousy should never be underestimated and ignored because it is an unsuspecting threat that grows.

"Anti-Jealousy" is the absolution for overcoming "your jealousy toward others" as well as "others' jealousy toward you" and getting over comparing everybody against one another - to truly live based on your own terms, and not that of others.


Generi Psicologia e Filosofia » Psicologia , Politica e Società » Problemi e Processi sociali » Violenza e molestie sessuali

Editore Instafo

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/12/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781005975098

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Anti-Jealousy: Quick Methods to Deal with Jealousy

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