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Traveler, Adventurer, Observer, Geopolitics Expert, Teacher, Writer, Actor, AuthorAndrew Reilly's book is a guide to the international politics, history and social life of numerous countries where Andrew spent part of his life an amazing life many people dream of: free of daily routine and full of excitement and discoveries!As Andrew's saga threads its way through over 50 countries around the globe, the story becomes a chronicle of our times detailing the author's adventures hitchhiking across Europe, Russia, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond, learning as he traveled and earning a living in places he had never been.Working as a stevedore on the docks of Hamburg, a British Army PX clerk in Berlin, ship-fitter in the US, grape harvester in France, miner near Death Valley, film/TV actor in Los Angeles and China, theater director in Russia and Hong Kong, and as a "Fulbright Scholar" English teacher in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Romania, and Russia, Andrew Reilly has seen life in all its myriad aspects. He recounts those up-close encounters in this journal as seen through the eyes of an adventurer living in our restless age.

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Arc of a Life

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