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Astro Kittens: Cosmic Machines
Astro Kittens: Cosmic Machines

Astro Kittens: Cosmic Machines

Dominic Walliman
pubblicato da Flying Eye Books

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Greetings, my little Astro Kittens! Are you ready to take off on your first space adventure? Join Professor Astro Cat as we learn all about Cosmic Machines! Advancements in space technology mean that we now know more than ever before about what's out there in the Universe. From rockets to rovers, this beautifully designed board book introduces young explorers to some of the most innovative and incredible machinery that has opened our eyes and broadened our minds to things we could never have imagined.

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Once dinosaurs have begun to seem passe, space is the place for many toddlers, and the Astro Kittens are excellent guides. --Kirkus Reviews Perfect for children who love outer space and learning about cool machines, this clever board book is a great introduction. With great information and wonderful illustrations, preschoolers are sure to enjoy this journey into outer space through the eyes of machines we use to explore it. --YA Books Central 5-star review Cosmic Machines takes the Astro Kittens and looks at the hardware that makes exploration possible, The Hubble Space Telescope, probes, satellites, International Space Station and the power needed to lift off are just a few things spoken about in this book. For the record, Newton's second law of motion is in the book too, just in case any young rocket engineers want to double check their calculations. --DaddyMojo


Generi Children » Reference & Study Aids

Editore Flying Eye Books

Formato Board book

Pubblicato 01/02/2019

Pagine 18

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781912497287

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Astro Kittens: Cosmic Machines

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