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At the End of Meadow Street is the story of Sam, a young boy who is leaving is familiar role as a mischievous student in elementary school and heading toward the unknowns of middle school. The book chronicles the adventures of a group of friends beginning on the last day of the sixth grade and lasting through the summer as they learn about bikes, girls, dealing with their parents, and themselves. While the group is enjoying their summer swimming, riding bikes, and exploring the woods, something much more is happening. Somewhere between the insults, loogies, pig piles and neighborhood pranks, Sam and his friends realize there is a world of unspoken thoughts and feelings within themselves, and they join together in an effort to understand and communicate the issues that have both shaped and held them back. Their journey will take them through the local parks, ponds, paths, and playgrounds as they come face to face with the consequences of life's events and realize that friendship means much more than sharing a classroom or living on the same street.

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At the End of Meadow Street

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