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Australia's Refugee Politics in the 21st Century

Kim Huynh
pubblicato da Taylor & Francis

Prezzo online:

Boat arrivals have defined and divided 21st-century Australia. This book examines the 'Stop the Boats' era from between the 2013 and 2022 federal elections. During this time the dominant political view has been that to accept a single boat, family or person is to risk being overwhelmed by many others. It follows that government must do whatever it takes to command Australia's borders and deter unauthorized arrivals; that is, Stop the Boats!

This book sets out the key political events and arguments for and against Australia's assurance that anyone who comes without permission will never be able to stay. It examines the impact of this commitment on regional and international relations, on those who seek refuge in Australia, and on those who call it 'home'. This volume serves as a valuable political history and analysis for scholars, policymakers, students, journalists and anyone who is interested in questions of contemporary exclusion and belonging.

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