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Awaken Your Wealth Workbook

Julie Murphy
pubblicato da Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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Too many people have fears and other unhealthy emotions around money.

Whether you were born rich, poor or somewhere in-between, money has always been an integral part of your life. However, too many people have fears and other unhealthy emotions around money. These debilitating beliefs are most often subconscious, shaped by a lifetime of early experiences seen through other people-not based on objective reality.

Can you break free from these restrictive beliefs and emotions, be able to "dream big"-and actually accomplish your hopes and dreams? The answer is yes: Now, finally, there is a way to harness the powerful energy around money and build real wealth.

Julie Marie Murphy's new book, Awaken Your Wealth: Creating a PACT to Optimize Your Money and Your Life, is a common-sense approach to financial goals. Her easy-to-follow guide will show you how to create a life of financial independence and freedom. Awaken Your Wealth is a companion to Julie Murphy's award-winning 2008 best-seller, The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out.

A highly regarded CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP), it was in the process of healing her own debilitating beliefs that Julie discovered we all create our own 'stories' or expectations about money and wealth. Julie's 'story' was that there was only a limited supply to go around, and that only certain kinds of high-born people or those who "struck it rich" could ever become wealthy.

Once she recognized the negative power of these subconscious beliefs, Julie was able to unlearn her own limiting attitudes. In the process she developed the PACT system. Based on that system, Julie has built a lifetime of emotional and spiritual satisfaction in her own life-and attracted extraordinary prosperity. After seeing how the PACT system worked for her clientele, her desire to share it became her life's work. Now the keys to Julie Murphy's evolution are offered to you, complete with relatable anecdotes and thought-provoking, game-changing exercises.

In Awaken Your Wealth and Workbook Julie will show you:

· How to build real wealth by changing your own story or attitude around money.

· How to set yourself free from limiting beliefs.

· How to develop a fresh approach to money and wealth.

· How to create a new and positive energy that allows money to find you.

· How to set yourself on the path to true abundance and peace-of-mind.

Julie Murphy's book and workbook offers you the means to achieve your financial goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible. Whether you are just starting out or are near retirement, the amazing PACT system puts within reach the fulfillment and financial freedom you richly deserve.

Begin your journey to Awaken Your Wealth! today.


Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Finanze personali e Investimenti

Editore Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/10/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780578769349

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Awaken Your Wealth Workbook

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