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This book (for men, ages 18 and up) takes a humorous look at life and how one achieves real adulthood. It contains lots of laughs and wisdom from the author who has an M.A. degree in Psychology and 30 years as a Probation Officer. There are many stories within this book that will entertain, educate, and give you some vital tools for your success! This book will reveal the sometimes hidden purpose to your life. Some of your most arcane spiritual questions that may have perplexed you in your past, will most likely be answered within these pages. The last chapter will even give you a road map to financial independence!


From the cradle to the grave, we reach different and unique levels of maturity. Unfortunately, some of us never grow up and reach autonomy. This book will give you the essential tools you need to win at life and succeed. The story's character reads like the television series, "The Wonder Years" with over-the-top humor, scintillating with comedic brinkmanship and spiritual depth, yet, delicately sprinkled with a little burp and fart humor. At last, a book just for us guys!


Now, sit back, relax, take a long deep breath, exhale slowly, counting backwards from 100. Take that peaceful journey inward. Let all your worries just melt away and allow yourself to totally relax. Let your attention focus on these words that you are now reading, as if, it's the only thing that exist. Surrender to it all as you begin to feel warm and secure. Let all your stress and problems float away like a helium-filled balloon, slowly drifting past white puffy clouds on a warm spring day. Keep counting backwards and visualize the above scene. Now, allow yourself to go even deeper as you feel the uncontrollable urge to take out your credit card and purchase this e-book. You are almost there. Now click on the "BUY" button and you are home free. (a little humor).

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