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Welcome to Barcelona, Gaudi's city, and much more.

The capital of Catalunha's region (Spain) is a city where you feel good, safe and with a lot to see. It's inevitable to feel like you've been won over by Antoni Gaudi's imagination by visiting places like La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Família or Parc Güell's gardens, but there's more to see and feel in Barcelona.

For that, we made this Barcelona Travel Guide 2018, to share not only what you can see (in more than 200 photos), but also to try to transmit what we felt while visiting this city in April 2018. 

Hundreds of exclusives photographys and our thoughts about Barcelona city and the incredible Antoni Gaudi buildings will give you a clear view of this destination.

Experience our guide with more than 200 images and our feelings about the capital of Catalonia, Spain.

Start this Barcelona travel guide with the photos and texts about:

- Casa Vicens
- La Pedrera
- Casa Batlló
- La Sagrada Familia
- Tibidabo

then continue to see more about:

- Montjuic Castle
- Museu D'Art
- City views
- Top memories

In the end of the book you will feel the need to check this amazing city live.

Visit Barcelona with us, it's worth it!

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Barcelona Travel Guide 2018

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