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Teach Yourself Basic Parkour!

Parkour is not as hard as it looks.

All you need are a few beginner parkour exercises and practice.

Inside this training manual you will discover all the basic techniques you need.

Start teaching yourself parkour today, because it is a fun way to keep fit while learning lifesaving skills!

Get it now!

Includes 4 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Basic Parkour today and you will also receive:

  • Your 6-week basic parkour training schedule - a complete parkour roadmap.
  • How to do the Survival Fitness Plan Super Burpee. A warm-up, stretch, and conditioning workout all in one exercise.
  • A 15-minute yoga stretch routine for increased flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • How to protect yourself from environmental dangers. Don't perish from cold and heat illnesses while training!

Parkour Made Easy

  • Learn the core skills needed for parkour training
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions that anyone can follow
  • No prior experience of parkour needed
  • Simple and clear pictures so you can see exactly how to do these basic parkour techniques

Basic Parkour Lessons Include

  • How to gain superior balance
  • How to land with minimal impact on your body
  • Correct rolling techniques
  • Pinpoint jumping precision
  • The best ways get up, over, and between walls
  • Fundamental parkour techniques such as vaults, cat passes, and underbars

... and more!

Start teaching yourself parkour today, because this no-nonsense training manual has all the moves you need!

Get it now.


Generi Sport » Atletica » Altri sport , Ambiente e Animali » Sport e attività nella natura » Sport all'aperto

Editore Survival Fitness Plan

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 25/08/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230003381991

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Basic Parkour

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