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We all use numbers every day, yet many people are uncomfortable with them, finding them daunting and difficult. This book is the antidote to number-phobia.

Be a Wizard with Numbers brings mathematics to life, replacing the atmosphere of the classroom with the wonder of the magician's workshop. In learning to enjoy numbers, we discover a multitude of practical skills - everything from understanding statistics and the odds gamblers face to the interest rates on savings and ways to maximise your returns. Never again need you flounder in a business meeting or an encounter with your bank manager - and if the chance arises to chat to him more casually, you could impress with stories about pi, prime numbers, Fermat's theorem, and much else besides.

Full of enjoyable exercises, puzzles, demonstrations and self-testing interludes, this is a book to instruct and give pleasure.


Generi Famiglia Scuola e Università » Libri Scuola » Educazione, Scuola e Università , Scienza e Tecnica » Matematica

Editore Watkins

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/08/2013

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781780287386

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Be a Wizard with Numbers: 101 Ways to Count Yourself Smart

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