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Befriending Performance Anxiety

pubblicato da Brompton Cove Press

Prezzo online:

Stage fright, performance nerves, performance anxiety: are you terrified of stepping into the spotlight? Do you shake, get cold and sweaty hands, experience shallow and fast breathing, dry mouth, nausea or difficulty concentrating?

Packed with simple practical interventions, "Befriending Performance Anxiety" is your guide to achieving optimal performance states and finding support before, during and after each public event.

Suitable for musicians and other performers of all levels of abilities, the content is also invaluable for educators, presenters and reluctant public speakers who fear taking the stage.

In "Befriending Performance Anxiety", you will learn:

  • How to maintain focus and deal with mistakes
  • The science behind anxiety mechanisms and what we can do about them
  • Simple and practical tips on what to do before, during and after your performance
  • Intervention tools based on breathwork, focus and gentle movement

If you would like to build confidence in performing for others, this accessible little book will provide a clear roadmap for success.

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Befriending Performance Anxiety

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