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The author shares his dream of sailing around the world, first formulated when he was six years old. The outfitting of his boat for the task and the trip itself taking 7 years, starting and ending in Hawaii. Leading him as far north as Alaska, south to New Zealand and into the relatively uncharted waters of the Black Sea, up the Dnieper River in the Ukraine and to Saudi Arabia. Along the way he encounters high winds to 70 knots and 50 foot waves, equipment breakdowns that have to be diagnosed and fixed without outside help. A boarding by armed vigilantes in Indonesia, the killing of a cruising friend by escaped convicts in Panama and the author holding a Rumanian Marines Uzi hostage, add excitement not normally expected in a sailing venture. The expected satisfying experiences of natural beauty, the encounters with wildlife and the interaction with wonderful people along the way are not neglected. The author meets his future wife in Tonga and previously single-handing, he is now able to share his adventures with this lovely Polynesian maiden. The book is full of helpful information on various technical aspects and explanations to help even non-sailors understand and enjoy, vicariously, the sailing life. Many anecdotes illustrate the challenges and rewards of a life at sea.


Generi Guide turistiche e Viaggi » Guide Escursionismo » Guide turistiche

Editore Xlibris Us

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/02/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781456822767

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Beyond the Horizon

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