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This book is about biblical project management, principles, tools, techniques, and practices used by Nehemiah, a cupbearer to the King of the Persian Empire in the re-building of the wall around Jerusalem and its revitalization. It can be used as a manual for project recovery by project sponsors, owners, leaders, project managers and teams managing projects.

The book has three parts:

Part One deals with the characteristics and definitions of a project and biblical project management, the roles of a project manager, and the importance of stewardship in project management. There is also a brief overview of the Bible, its inspired writers, its impact, legal, financial, and project management systems.

Part Two examines Nehemiah's project recovery management methodology, and his incredible use of advanced project management tools and techniques are demonstrated by referring to the approaches that he used to re-build the wall and achieve spiritual revival in Jerusalem.

The reader will learn:

  • about Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah
  • how to prepare a project background and project definition report
  • how to make successful interventions and to present the case for the recovery of a project to owners, sponsors, politicians and public officials
  • how to conduct a detailed assessment of a troubled project
  • how to do project reviews and document the variances in the scope of works, objectives, milestones, resources, quality, risks and expected deliverables, and to decide on the way forward
  • about the capabilities required by the project manager to rescue projects such as courage; leadership; project management skills; technical competencies; project knowledge and understanding; wisdom; solving disputes; assessing the actual scope of works required; and evaluating the cultural, political, economic, social, environmental, and technical issues
  • what to include in a final assessment report
  • how to prepare the work breakdown structure, precedence network diagram; milestone plan, responsibility matrix, project organization, risk management plan
  • how to develop the fifteen plans necessary for construction and control planning
  • teamwork strategies, networking, project oversight, monitoring, tracking, construction management, stakeholders' management and analyses, reasons why projects fail, the role of a project champion, and critical success factors for rescuing troubled projects
  • Nehemiah's project recovery management methodology
  • how to revitalize and bring spiritual revival to a city
  • how to conduct an ex-post evaluation of a project, and
  • how to dedicate a project.

Part Three discusses a) the significance-driven project manager; b) leadership; c) the significance of the walls, towers and gates around Jerusalem; d) how to follow the footsteps of Nehemiah, and e) power tools and power required for project managers.


Generi Architettura Design e Moda » Architettura e Urbanistica » Edifici religiosi , Religioni e Spiritualit√† » Figure religiose e spirituali » Bibbia: testi e commenti

Editore Elm Hill

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 04/02/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781595559913

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Biblical Project Management

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