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Birds of Australia
Birds of Australia

Birds of Australia

Iain Campbell - Sam Woods - Nick Leseberg
pubblicato da Princeton University Press

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Australia is home to a spectacular diversity of birdlife, from parrots and penguins to emus and vibrant passerines. Birds of Australia covers all 714 species of resident birds and regularly occurring migrants and features more than 1,100 stunning color photographs, including many photos of subspecies and plumage variations never before seen in a field guide. Detailed facing-page species accounts describe key identification features such as size, plumage, distribution, behavior, and voice. This one-of-a-kind guide also provides extensive habitat descriptions with a large number of accompanying photos. The text relies on the very latest IOC taxonomy and the distribution maps incorporate the most current mapping data, making this the most up-to-date guide to Australian birds. * Covers all 714 species of resident birds and regularly occurring migrants* Features more than 1,100 stunning color photos* Includes facing-page species accounts, habitat descriptions, and distribution maps* The ideal photographic guide for beginners and seasoned birders alike

La nostra recensione

One of the Sydney Morning Herald's Australian Writers Pick the Best Books of 2014 Written primarily for the visiting birder, reading a copy of this book will fire up anyone's desire to get out into the field to see more of our fabulous birds. --Sean Dooley, Australian Bird Life A delightfully helpful and compact handbook on Australian birds. --Teo Lee Wei & K, Bird Ecology and Study Group This is a very useful addition to the range of books on offer, and given that it includes all of the recently-split species you really need it if you are visiting Australia. --Keith Betton, Nature Travel Network This useful guide covers 714 species of birds, illustrated by more than 1,000 photos... This guide will be helpful to visitors to Australia interested in bird watching as well as Australians interested in identifying bird populations. --Choice If you prefer a photographic format as your field guide over an illustrated one, then this is the book you should choose for Australia. --Neil Calbrade, BTO News This book goes way beyond any guide I've ever seen, the information is in-depth and useful, not to mention that they show the top of the bird's wing and the bottom of it... One-of-a-kind... I wouldn't settle for any other guide! --Israel Book Review


Generi Science & Nature » Biology & Life Sciences » Nature & Ecology

Editore Princeton University Press

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 09/11/2014

Pagine 392

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780691157276

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Birds of Australia

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