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In this heartfelt and hilarious memoir, a father recounts his many trials and occasional triumphs during he and his wife's first pregnancy, week by week.

More than four million blissfully ignorant American men are thrust into fatherhood every year, yet these men rarely know what to expect in those crucial first nine months. In BirthCONTROL, author and father James Vavasour offers a real-time, week-by-week account of his journey from pursuing the perfect pregnancy to learning to let go of control.

James documented his experiences as they happened in order to capture them in all their wonder, neuroses, and panic. This rare, honest, and unmoderated male perspective on pregnancy will be educational for any couple thinking of starting a family. For those already pregnant, it is a funny, relatable, and often neurotic vision of the day-to-day struggles encountered during this profoundly hormonal time in a couple's life. If you've ever had to settle on a baby's name or the color of a nursery, be publicly humiliated during birthing classes, or run the obstacle course otherwise known as a grocery store with someone days away from delivery, you'll understand.

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