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Vincente Blasco Ibanez in Blood and Sand, wrote a novel that can never lose its popularity because it presents a blazing picture of Spanish life as it can be lived only in Spain. A life that was flaming, tempestuous, fierce and magnificent while it lasted a life of heroes and idol worship, of hate and love in a setting of gorgeous beauty. It is the story of one of the world's most fearless men men who defy death in the arena for love and fame.

From the lowest ranks of poverty to unprecedented heights of riches and popular acclaimthus was the career of Juan Gallardo, Spanish bull fighter. In telling his story, Ibanez has achieved a novel even more dramatic and powerful than his legendary Four Horsemen. From his boyhood Juan longed to be a bull fighter and, as he climbs the ladder step by step, the reader lives with him in the very atmosphere of the arena. No detail of the picture is sparedone can see and almost hear the actual battlethe crowdsthe many characters that stream through the pages. And Juan himself, with his vanities, his superstitions, his daring attacks, his wounds and recoveries, emerges as real, vital and colorful as the sport to which he and many others dedicated their lives.

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Blood And Sand

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