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Maxine Singer
pubblicato da Oxford University Press

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How do plants, even if still buried underground, know that it's their time to bloom? What signals them to begin the challenging task of making flowers, and how do they make the variety of flower shapes, colours, and scents? What kind of instructions does the plant carry? Flowers enrich the beauty of meadows and gardens, but of course, they are not there simply to please us. Biologically, blossoms form a critical aspect of the reproductive cycle of many plants. In this book, the distinguished scientist Maxine Singer explains what we have pieced together about the genetics behind flowering. She describes in a clear and accessible account the key genes which, regulated by other genes, modulated by epigenetic effects, and responding to environmental cues, cause plants to flower at a particular time, and define the variety of flowers. The remarkably intricate processes involved in making flowers have evolved in nature alongside the pollinating birds and insects that the flowers must attract if there is to be another generation. The processes involved in flowering have only been unravelled in the past twenty years, and the implications for ensuring production of food, including fruits and seeds, are profound. This is cutting-edge science, and we have much still to learn, but the story being revealed that lies behind the flowers in our gardens, parks, and fields is proving astonishing.

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A cutting-edge book. * David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer * This is a beautifully written and presented book which will fascinate nature-lovers and anyone who wants to understand how genes influence the floral displays we all so enjoy. * Cotswold Life * A delightful and informative book ... The text is accessible to everyone and would be an excellent read for any enquiring mind. * James Crabbe CBiol FRSB, The Biologist * If you've ever been fascinated by watching flowers grow and wondered how plants make them, this fascinating book is for you. I guarantee you will never look at flowers the same way again. * GrrlScientist, Twelve Of The Best Books About Biology Of 2018, Forbes *


Generi Science & Nature » Biology & Life Sciences » Science-Reference

Editore Oxford University Press

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 10/05/2018

Pagine 176

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780198811138

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