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Brain Health Mistakes: 10 Top Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Brain Healthy and Prevent Cognitive Impairment

pubblicato da INSTAFO

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The Fool's Guide to "Brain Health"

Greetings fool, who did NOT know about the "top mistakes to avoid to keep brain healthy and prevent cognitive impairment"...

Do you feel glitchy ever so often in your mental matrix? Meaning do you experience such "symptoms" in your system error logs: finding it harder to think and do everyday tasks that were once easy, forgetting simple things that were once part of your ingrained memory, feeling tired and sleepy for no apparent reason other than just breathing, etc. Then you are experiencing unfortunate occurrences of "cognitive impairment."

Your brain is like an organic supercomputer, and over time, it does begin to wear out with age from all the usage - or non-usage by neglecting to keep your mental hardware in check and in shape.

The fact is, we all succumb to some degree of "mental decline," thus becoming not as sharp as we once were due to our aging brains. Yet, the problem is if the process is progressively premature, happening rapidly sooner, especially if it's a result of an injury, a degenerative disease, or other underlining health issues.

Many times we make the mistake of brushing their symptoms aside, thinking they will naturally get better with rest and the brain will be good as new after waking up the next day. Sadly, that's not the case here, because like a computer - a simple reboot will not automatically fix the hidden registry errors. However, unlike a computer - you can't replace your brain whenever you want.

That's why it's important that you take care of the one you have now. "Brain Health Mistakes" will run through the crucial maintenance that is not to be neglected to keep your brain optimized and performing at its optimum best.

Let your chosen fool card guide you through "Brain Health Mistakes":

- Behavioral changes causing mental abilities to slip
- Reckless choices putting brain at risk for damage
- Substances that may be slowing down your brain
- An advancing societal threat to our neuroplasticity
- An antiquated art comeback to sharpen the mind
- One vital thing needed to regulate neurochemistry
- How to not overexert the brain to its breaking point
- The easily accessible activities used to train the brain
- The three main power-food fuels to amp up your brain
- What effects do those around us have on brain structure

And there's a bunch more wisdom from the fool card.

Our brains are our bodies' command center, though we often fail to intervene when its system error messages are transmitted at our way, allowing not only our brains to slowly and surely deteriorate, but also our bodies to lose gradual functions. Well, no more! Regain control and restore your brain and body back to a high-octane state now!


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help » Malattia , Psicologia e Filosofia » Psicologia

Editore Instafo

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/02/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781005459215

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Brain Health Mistakes: 10 Top Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Brain Healthy and Prevent Cognitive Impairment

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