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Brazil Book
Brazil Book

Brazil Book

Glenn Greenwald
pubblicato da Penguin Books Ltd

Prezzo online:

An urgent account of the extremism spreading through western governments -- from the journalist who broke the Snowden story to the world

Indefinite detention, torture, militarized occupation, drone warfare, targeted killings, mass surveillance: the tactics developed in the West to fight the so-called 'War on Terror' are now well known. Less well known are the ways in which these tactics -- which apologists argue target foreign nationals on foreign soil -- are in fact being stealthily applied to domestic soil and increasingly used against Western citizens.

In this timely follow-up to his essential account of the Snowden revelations, No Place to Hide, Glenn Greenwald exposes the ways in which almost every extremist 'War on Terror' policy has been integrated into domestic policing across the West, from 'Collect-It-All' spying to paramilitary-style law enforcement, with an alarming focus on Muslim minorities.

From one of the west's most influential political campaigners comes an urgent and comprehensive account of our post-9/11 world -- a world of unmanned drone strikes, pandemic suspicion and human rights violation, and Donald Trump leading the free world. Here is the shocking truth on everything our governments don't want us to know about our own countries.

Praise for No Place to Hide:

'Compelling, powerful, shocking, important' Observer

'Action-packed, engrossing and polemical' Daily Telegraph

'A monumentally important book shines a spotlight on the surveillance state. Persuasive, thrilling and necessary' Globe and Mail

'To put it simply, Greenwald has had one hell of a dizzying run, at the white-hot centre of the media universe as the most reliable source for NSA surveillance scoops' GQ


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Brazil Book

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