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For fans of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series, Brock's Traitor is the third book in a heroic series of novels about Brock's troop and was the winner of an Independent Publisher Award (IPPY) for fiction. Introducing Jonathan Westlake, a man of courage and integrity in a war that divides a continent, in a tale of love and treachery, fame and fortune. Jonathan Westlake is a hero to be reckoned with in the follow-up to Brock's Agent and Brock's Railroad.

It's been two months since the tragic death of Major General Sir Isaac Brock - but the heroic leader has one final task for his mentee Jonathan Westlake.

Brock has left Westlake a message - there is a traitor in the York garrison selling vital secrets. Westlake must go undercover once again - but this time it is amongst his fellow soldiers, and the consequences of failure are even more severe.

The Americans are gathering once again on the border, preparing for the largest invasion in the continent's history. As Westlake passes amongst smugglers and sailors, double agents and femmes fatales, time is running out to unmask the traitor and save a nation.


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